Arduino not support Arabic charater

Im trying to write some words in Arabic and show them through Serial monitor the words show in monitor But not arabic character. What is the solution for that?

With ASCII serial, you must select a encoding-decoding character set. This means that the serial monitor that you utilize must understand (and display) the font, too. With graphic displays, you could select your own character set for display but you still need to match the ‘encoding’ to make a certain character display.
This is an age-old problem in computing that is rather complex to implement on a uC. And while a uC is capable of managing this on graphic display, implementation on character displays require that the display have the ability in the internal character ROM.

Thank you dear But im new in arduino Can you make one small example for me. I appertiate your cooperation.

But im new in arduino Can you make one small example for me.

The problem is rather complex... Here is the discussion link:,172814.0.html

These are Arabic characters
But i dont know how to use thim in Arduino
any guys can help me.

Your link references Web browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox. Your Arduino to USB to Arduino software monitor uses whatever font and character decoding that was written into the Java code. Some monitor programs allow you to change font sets: Arial, Courier New, System, Fixed, etc. Using such a program would allow 255 characters to be decoded from 8-bit ASCII... But this is PC-centric only! A different approach would be required for character LCD (and they have a very limited graphic font capability.)