Arduino not turning on!? Overheating?

Hi I've been using Arduino for a while and it's been working fine until today. I plugged it in and it just flashed then went blank. I don't know if it is on or off. I tried unplugging all the other cables and found the board to be really hot. I unplugged it and it stopped. I am using Arduino Uno on a USB 3.0 port. Is it overheating? Is it dead? Is it something wrong with the computer port? PLEASE HELP!!!! >:( >:( >:(

What happens if you use a USB 2.0 port?
Issues have been reported with USB 3.0 (although not all chipsets suffer issues)

What OS ?

What else do or did you have connected to the board ?

Put your fingers on the components. You will know if it's overheating :smiley: