arduino not working when something is in 5v and GND

hi i have a arduino uno that stops working everytime i plug my parallax ping sensor into the 5v and GND any help.

How do you power your arduino board? Can you give more data about the sensor?


right now its being powered by a usb 2.0 but i getting a 9v battely clipper with black and red wires to connect to vin and GND to power the arduino. I have all the parallax ping wires connected but the arduino powers of when i plug it in to 5v and GND.

Sounds like the Ping is shorting out the supply or you are causing a short when moving the wires around.

Of course, you aren't changing connections while powered, right?

sometimes i change the wires will moving, in fact when i move the wires sometimes i get accurate measurements

Bosseboi: sometimes i change the wires will moving, in fact when i move the wires sometimes i get accurate measurement

Huh? You mean wiggling wires changes things or actually moving wires from place to place?

Moving connections while your circuit is powered is an excellent way to short something out without realizing it.

oh i'll stop doing that

still not working any help

Hi, As James suggest wiggling eires around when powered up is not a good idea. But it seem that you have the connections crossed and shorting the power, now it this the power or the PING and ECHO wires.

Please if your getting a 9v barrery don't let it be one of those tiny squareish things, there absolutly useless!! can'y supply the current needed for most things.

Common sense should answer this one.



Hi, can you show us a photograph of your setup as well as a circuit diagram. This will make things easier to see.

Tom..... :)

I wouldn't power the PING off the Arduino. My PING likes full on voltage. If you feed it 4 instead of 5 it gets flaky. My guess would be that if you power the sensor on its own your problems will go away.

I have had similar problems with servos. Sometimes it helps to try wiring it differently, like having a row on a breadboard for 5v and Ground. Then connect the sensor to the breadboard 5v and Ground. This sometimes helps. other then that I recommend plugging it into the computer. I have a robotic arm that only runs off of USB connection because my 9v battery holder doesn't supply enough power. So if you do buy a power pack for your arduino get a rechargeable one. Much more reliable.