arduino notices my proximity??

currently I'm using my arduino for a school project and I use it to read out the values of a couple of ultrasound sensors, but it appears that my arduino processes things a lot quicker when my hand or finger is near the processor which i find a bit wierd and needs solving because i need that speed all the time. I hope anyone can help me.

kind regards, damngrazy

PS sorry fo any mistakes in my English but it aint my first language:(

Post your code + schematic, this is a problem with your project not a problem with the arduino itself.

Could it be that the speed-of-sound delays are relevant here? The ultrasonic rangers are based on the speed of sound, so if your program is spending most of it's time waiting for response from the ultrasonic ranger, the distance of an obstacle from the ultrasonic ranger will impact how fast the code runs. You can now get laser ranging units (which do speed of light time of flight) at shockingly low prices - You might consider looking into these if it's speed of sound issues.

If you're reading from floating pins, proximity of a person can also have an impact because your body will impact the electromagnetic noise the floating pin picks up.

I guess it is the code, but since I need to rewrite the whole thing this issue could be solved aswell; so thnx for trying to help but I hope that the new code will solve the problem, if not I'll be back