Arduino nrf24L01+ Module - send larger payloads

I understand that the max payload of the nrf24L01+ module is 32. However, I need to create a network that daisy chains the sensors it can see – within a meter or 2 – and the sensors each visible sensor can see as well, up to possibly 100 sensors. Is there an efficient manner in which I can send this data, regardless of the 32 max payload.

I used another variation of receiver/transmitter that was too slow but it worked well otherwise. In general, the from of data I am sending looks like this assuming 4 sensors (of a possible 100+).

extremely short example:

obviously with 100 roving sensors this will become considerably more complex.

if anybody has a direction they can point me to pass more than a payload of 32 – even in increments – I would appreciate it. I need to be able to daisy chain large payloads, efficiently.