Arduino, nrf24l01, screen, RGB

I have a project in mind. the simple break down is

have a touchscreen connected to an arduino (at some point maybe a webpage or something too for other devices on the network) the touch screen will have a colour wheel or chart or some such to choose a colour. also possibly choose a node or other device. the colour is broken down into the pwm signals and then sent over nrf24l01 to another arduino which has a couple of mosfets and then lights an RGB strip and a white strip to get a broader array of colours.

just seeing if anyone has done this before and where the guide is for it

I doubt that you will find all that you want in one place. Better to break the project into smaller parts and investigate them separately.

What have you done so far?

Do you have more specific questions?

You can start by writing the sender and the receiver,
in the sender, you can print a dump of the packet that should be sent,
in the receiver, you can test the functionality by feeding in data or commands via serial.

Adding the NRF functionality to that setup is very easy and straightforward,
given that both sketches are non-blocking and delay free,
and the commands are less than 32 bytes long
(single packet interfaces are so much simpler...).

If you want to see examples for simple communications, Robin2's tutorial has
examples for most of the possible operation modes.
There are some RC applications to control devices also.

+1 for Robin2's simple rf24 tutorial. If you carefully read and follow his advice and example code you will get the radios to work.

Do you mean that you are sending the frequency and duty cycle information or are you intending to generate pulses and send (some representation of) those.?

@6v6gt I think the OP tries to express RGB in some strange wording. :grinning:

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