Arduino official Store

Hello everybody!
Is there anyone who bought from their official store? I mean this one -
I bought 10 Arduino boards month ago, but I receive only 4 of them in good condition, 6 are broken (looks like they was squashed). Tried to contact with store – total disregard! Tried to contact with transportation company they said that request of compensation should be from sender (store).

You tried contacting someone through this form?

Yep, did it 4 or 5 times... didn't remember. I tried to use this form also when I paid my order and waited about week without any sign of life from store personnel.

hi DenJS.
Assuming you are the person who has been writing to us for those 6 Arduino Boards which happened to be squashed - we already re-sent them. You should have received a tracking number 4 days ago (this is sent automagically from the transportation company), but we sent it back today.

You should mention that this was already a re-sending of your first order which had some other problems (which obviously I'm not going to name here).

Just to tell we took your customer requests over different stages (and this happened one month ago, with quite a number of mails).

The only problem was that we encountered some peculiar trasportation accidents that we normally don't face.

all the best & Happy Hacking.

Oh, you are very kind! Now I understand your message which I received minute ago. It’s nicely that you already re-sent 6 boards without any investigation, but… should I send you these 6 broken boards? Should I pay something? Hope you understand, I didn’t ask you about re-send, I just wanted to know if you able to make a request to TNT, anyway thank you very much!