Arduino Official Wifi shield on Arduino 328-Having issue connecting via WEP


I just received the official wifi shield for the Arduino. Trying to connect it via WEP, but having issues. Seems like it should be pretty simple,but all I get on the shield is the red error light. Running the ConnectWithWEP sketch I get Attempting to connect to WEP network, SSID: xxxx, again and again. Maybe I need to upload the firmware to the shield? Sparkfun sent this out to me right after they received. I don't see the green wire antennae on the bottom of the shield, maybe that is the problem? Can anybody help on this?

I have another wifi shield, which I use the same SSID and pw, with no issues, so I don't think those are the issue.



I read over some of the documentation on the shield. I wasn't aware you needed to jumper 3.3v to oiref on older shields. That is probably the issue. I will try out tomorrow.