Arduino on a breadboard

Hi :)

I have seen this "Arduino on a Breadboard"-Tutorials and asked myself if it would be interesting for my project.

  • Could I connect multiple ATMEGAs to one circuit, and make them work together? (lets say, one to handle all my MUX, an other to handle a display, etc)

  • What is actually the fastest ATMEGA?

All the atmegas are similar in processing speed. They all have very similar cores (a few of the tinies are slower because they lack a few instructions), and most can be run up to 20mhz.

You don’t need to have them on a breadboard to make multiple atmegas work together. Just as easy to do it with normal arduino boards. Either way you can use serial, i2c or spi to communicate between them. Serial of course works better for chips with two or more serial ports.