Arduino on a Microsoft Surface

For anyone trying to use a Arduino Uno on a Microsoft Surface tablet, It is now possible using the Arduino web editor IDE. I was unable to install the IDE to the Surface and get it to see the Arduino Uno, so I had given up. Then when I got the latest Arduino newsletter it had a link to the web editor. The web editor worked great on the desktop and laptop, so I said let me try it on the surface, since it has a usb port, and it works. I don't know what the limitations are, but as far as the basic blink and fade it is working great.

Is the Surface running real windows or windows RT?

I had a look last week just to see what possibly could have taken 1.5+ years to produce. Unless I missed something it seems you can't use 3rd party boards which is a deal breaker for me. The other thing I found very annoying is the Library Manager only has a tiny fraction of the full list of libraries.

Glad to hear there are some benefits to it. Considering all the disasters that happened with the real IDE while development resources were being redirected to Create, it would be a real shame if it was all for nothing.

I believe it is running RT,, because I can ues touch screen. But i will check to be sure when i get home from work.

RT has nothing to do with whether the touchscreen works.

Windows RT runs on a different processor architecture, meant to lower costs and improve battery life. However, only a very limited number of applications run on Windows RT - Microsoft was hoping to have a thriving app ecosystem, but they didn't manage to pull that off.