Arduino on gentoo

I have followed the directions for installing Arduino on gentoo and I cannot add the overlay to layman. When I enter the command

layman -L | grep -i arduino it returns

  • Failed to update the overlay list from: file:///etc/layman/arduino.xml
  • Failed to parse the overlays list fetched from file:///etc/layman/arduino.xml Any help would be appreciated Thank You.

I would think you'd have to be 'root' to do that.


sudo layman -L | ....

I understand I have to be the root user, the problem is I cannot add the overlay following the instructions posted for gentoo.

Downloading the .tgz file with the IDE is not a option for you?

The arduino stuff in the gitorious repository is outdated anyway. Still uses V021.

I have done that, installed it in my /home directory. From what I have read it appears that is the only and best way to run the latest version the gentoo package is even older V0017. Thanks for the info on the gitorious overlay.