Arduino on Linux FC5: gui errors!


I am really excited to use this board but i can't get it up and running. I get the happy green light and /sev/ttyUSB0 shows up when I plug in the board, but...

First my system: AMD64 laptop running Fedora Core 5 in i386 mode My kernel is 2.6.16-1.2080.13.rrt.rhfc5.ccrma #1 PREEMPT

I followed the directions here to get avr-gcc and other tools installed (not that i am exactly with avr-gcc is compaired to regular gcc). Also I added DIRAVR=/usr/local (as all the tools are in /usr/local/bin) and CLASSPATH=/usr/java/jre1.5.0_07/bin:/usr/java/jre1.5.0_07/lib/rt.jar

I downloaded the arduino IDE via svn and built it (and got a bunch of messages that looked like warnings about non-determinant values).

Now I run the script and I get a file dialog but no files are listed (even though the all files (.) selector is selected). Moreover, when I try to specify the file explicitly within the dialog a directory structure is created within the work directory. For example if my "sketch" is /home/wade/Pd_firmware.pde a directory is created /home/wade/trunk/build/linux/work/null/home/wade/Pd_firmware.pde/

Is there a way to debug this gui so I can see where things are breaking down? I am so excited to use this board I think I am gonna wet myself!!!

Thanks everyone for the help! -thewade