arduino on sparkfun led matrix backpack

Since the chip on SparkFun's led backpack is a atmega168, is it worth considering putting the arduino boot loader on it?

I have successfully put the diecimila .hex file on the board and am trying to figure out how to dump blink.hex along with.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Justin

Sure, if you don’t want to use the backpack for its intended purpose again. Do they give you the file to burn to restore the original firmware? Lots of things have ATmega controllers in them, but I don’t get the urge to reprogram them.

They do provide the source code for the default program. I have been playing around with that a bit too, and have successfully reloaded it back to the board.

What do I need to do to program the sparkfun LED backpack with ardino?

Any have any documents on where to start?

Thanks, Justin

why do you need the bootloader ? if you successfully programmed it via SPI or whatever, you just have to use the same method to upload a .hex file that the arduino IDE outputs when you compile. You should be careful when coding the program about the pin numbering, but besides that, I don't really see any problem.

Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear. I wasn't sure if the pin mapping would screw something up. I'll post back on the outcome.

Thanks again, Justin