Arduino on Systm

Arduino is mentioned on the latest systm episode. i think the way it was described was a bit unfair, cause they did not compare the beginner books of the basic stamp with the arduino.
personally i don’t think that basic is the better language than c++ to start with.
what do you think?

Ohhh man - I saw it - I was hoping that it would slide under the arduino radar

To be fair(before I talk smack) - here is the link to the episode: You be the judge.

It’s not the first time AVR’s and arduinos are mentioned there. IIRC they featured ladyada/lemor (aka building a “digg” button.

The show is full of false info. Like “it will cost you a $500 ISP to program this” Meh…

at least the guy with the hat mentioned that the board they demoed might be a bit antique with the 9 volt battery and the serial to usb adapter.

just to get my facts straight:

Does the basic stamp support functions and libraries at all?
just downloaded the ide to get my own picture, but i can’t see it.
if it does not support functions and libraries, how can they say it’s easier for beginner?

Few would think basic is better than c++, except perhaps those who don’t know c++

Haven’t watched the episode yet and I’m guessing this statement “If you simply must go the open source route you can check out the Arduino board.” is an indication they might be a little biased?

I watched the episode and the only valid point I heard was that it is easier to connect a servo to the basic stamp board since it has headers for servos.

Does the basic stamp support functions and libraries at all?

No. Which is why I built one project with the Stamp, put it in box, and moved on to the Arduino.

I do like their “What’s a Microcontroller Book?” For me, it was the perfect way to get back into electronics and it has been a good basic reference.

  • Brian