Arduino on the SAML21

Hello, I'm trying to start using Arduino on the SAML21 and I would like some guidance. So far, I've compiled SAM-BA for that CPU and tried burning a demo program from the Arduino IDE to the chip, but it gave an error saying that it was not able to find a bootloader.

I believe that, somewhere along the IDE files, I should enter the definition and support for the SAML21 processor, with it's correspoing chip ID, shouldnt I?? What would be the process of adding a new MCU from scracth to Arduino (a Cortex M0)?

Thanks in advance, Mauricio

There isn't any native support for the SAML line in the Arduino IDE, but Mattairtech has a core that you can use which supports the SAMD, SAML and SAMC lines. The details are here. Thanks Pert for the correct link below.

I think BJHenry accidentally provided the wrong link. Here is the correct one: