Arduino only works in Ubuntu?...

Hi all. I have an odd problem. I have two versions of Linux installed on my PC (Ubuntu 18.something, and Mint 17.3), and Win 10. I've been playing with Arduino on Linux Mint for quite a while, and recently got a Due with a shield and 320x240 touch screen (Sainsmart). I installed the UTFT library and other associated libraries (UTFT_Buttons, URTourch) and tried many of the examples, but nothing worked. Then one day I happened to be using Ubuntu, and tried one of the examples on that. Success! Well, sort of. The screen displayed what the program was trying to display, but none of the touch functionality worked. I swapped back to Mint and tried the exact same sketch there, with the exact same libraries, and nothing, just a blank screen. Swapped back to Ubuntu, and it works. Out of curiosity I tried it under Windows 10. Again it didn't work. I even tried it using Visual Studio and the Visual Micro plugin, but again it didn't display anything. It seems the only place it works is in Ubuntu.

I have done a lot of mucking around with Arduino under Linux Mint, including trying things like Ardublocks, linking it to CodeBlocks, and a few other weird and wonderful things I've discovered in my travels (all in an attempt to find a better IDE than the default Arduino one. I would particularly like to be able to "step" through the code to see it executing one line at a time, which the default IDE doesn't do.) So I did a complete removal of Arduino IDE according so some instructions I found (three libraries had to be deleted), and did a clean install of the Arduino IDE. Imported all the libraries again and tried the example sketch again. It still didn't work.

Does anyone have any clues as to why it would not be working under Mint or Windows, but it does under Ubuntu?

This is the screen I have The example I have been trying to load is UTFT, Examples, Arduino (ARM) + Teensy, UTFT_Demo_320x240.
I have changed the myGLCD declaration to (ITDB32S, 25, 26, 27, 28), but everything else is unchanged.

All advice gratefully received.

You could start giving us some error messages that you get under the different circumstances.

Does it not compile? Does it not upload? Not my area of expertise so probably not able to help further.

I don’t have your hardware.

All of my Arduino sketches work fine for me Linux Mint 17.3 32-bit.

Hi, and thanks for responding. I don't get any error messages, the sketches compile fine, and apparently upload too. At least the led on the Due that indicates an upload is in progress is on when it is (apparently) uploading, and I receive the "upload complete" message in the Arduino IDE when it has finished uploading. With the Due the uploader prints a series of messages as it is uploading indicating how far it's got, then does the same thing to verify the upload. All of these messages are displayed on all systems. The only difference is that, with Ubuntu, the screen then displays the patterns generated by the sketch (just a load of random shapes), but anywhere else the screen shows zilch, zero, nix, nada, nothing... It's just white. (at least I know it's getting power...)

I'm beginning to think my only option is a clean install of Mint... (It's by far my preferred distro, clean and fast)

:frowning: Ian

What is just white? IDE code editor window? IDE output window? Serial terminal?

Have you tested the Due without anything connected? Which IDE version?

Maybe post a sample code so people with a Due can verify; I only have Unos.

Hi Sterretje, the LCD screen I have attached to my Due is white. Sorry for the confusion. The standard blinking led sketch works in both environments. The sketches that don't work are the ones that use the LCD. They are the ones given as examples in the UTFT libraries.