Arduino + Optiloader + ENC28j60 = Bad idea

Hi guys, just to know if this happened before to someone else and if someone knows a solution:

I have an old Arduino Diecimila with a self made shield that allowed me to use an enc28j60 just mounting the board and plugging the enc in a connector.

This worked really well for months, i bought some Nanos, Unos, Megas, ESP8266 and so on and leaved the diecimila stored with the Optiloader sketch loaded in, wich i forgot.

Today i was working with a Nano + ENC28j60 without trouble but needed to free the Nano so i taked my loved Diecimilla, mounted the same ENC28j60 and powered on....some seconds later i has got a full dead ENC28j60. I donĀ“t know how could the Optiloader sketch ruin the ENC but thats what happened.

As all you know, Optiloader uses the same pins to comunicate with the chip to be bootloaded that the ENC28J60 (10,11,12,13), wich is a bad as hell coincidence!

In the serial output Optiloader saw something like unrecognized board at 0x00. Thats all.

So here comes the question: There is a way to reflash the firmware into the ENC28j60? As far as i know this is a PIC MCU with some code inside, maybe Optiloader was capable in some way to do something wrong to that code.

Has someone else suffered this problem?

In the meantime i suggest not to do my "Use and Forget" Optiloader way to any one.

Thanks you all.