Arduino or dedicated IC?


I am building a power switching circuit that has three inputs and should connect them in a predefined order.

I found the dedicated LTC4417f IC which does just that but I would like to have adjustable voltage threshold resistors and other functions/monitoring.

Would a Arduino be fast enough in reading voltages and switching mosfets in order to no have power drops? A capacitor could also solve the problem but since the supplied device needs constant 5A (max 10A) power I would like to make sure that I am doing the right thing.

Is the speed question relevant? What would be a good mosfet choice?

Any pointers will help in finding the way through the thousands of schematics and parts.


The speed needed depends on what you are powering, and without details can't really say any more.

It's a RAW video recorder, needs from 5A to 10A on max power and takes anything from 10 to 28v. Thanks!

Does that mean some of the loads are motors? Its the nature of the load that I’m after, which
affects whether its inductive, and how much time you can drop power without problem.

I can and will be connected to the camera which has motors, yes.
The system should enable me to hotswap that and two other power sources.

But a camera has electronics too and needs a clean supply without dropouts?

Correct, the 10A is when everything is connected.