Arduino or ESP32 generating USB UVC Streams

Someone would know if is possible or if there are any project that coud generate UVC USB video streamings like a webcam but with contents beeing a graphics instead a normal video. ?
Any cue about the topic will be appreciated.

Embedded computers generally are too slow to generate video streams. If your specs are very low you might get that to run on an ESP32 but I don't see the use case.

What are you trying to achieve?

There are <$20 HDMI video capture to USB UVC gadgets. Search Amazon or EBay. The gadget can capture the HDMI video output from just about anything such PC, laptop, game console, raspberry pi, etc. except for copy protected content. I do not know of an Arduino board that generates HDMI.

My application would be generate graphics and dynamic images that could be easyly be displayed in any computer , tablet or smartphone by simply conecting an USB connector as a webcam. UVC streams allow several resolutions and formats like MPEG, YUV and compressed formats at up to 30FPS.... This would allow users to displays complex graphics without additional hardware or software. I believe that an ESP32 should have enough speed for some applications...

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