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Hi everyone.
I'm new to arduino, and i was thinking if there is an easy way to send OSC messages from arduino.
Is there any library to load it to arduinoIDE?
As i understand from other posts in this forum there is no any simple way..
Maybe a java application like one made by monome team?

Hi, yeah, it is possible but (at least the way I’m doing it takes a little bit to set up). I really should write a proper write up some day… Anyway, the way I’ve been doing it is Arduino (with Firmata loaded onto it) => Python =>OSC.
So (and I’m sorry, this won’t be very complete instructions because I’ve got far too much work to do :)):
Thing which need to be installed/done:
Python (
pySerial (
pyOSC (
and put Firmata ( onto your Arduino.

Then stick these two in a folder: (this is a slightly newer version than the one packaged on the Firmata page, there will be a new package for the 0011 release)

Then if you run it should send osc values to /Arduino/Analog on the port you specify. It’s pretty simple to add digital reading in too - if you read the pyduino and pyOSC code you should be able to work it out I think.

Sorry this is pretty minimal, but I hope it helps.

Ok. Thanks for the reply!

I will try it. .

Is it possible to program the arduino board with processing language with the OSC & arduino libraries ?

can u please tell me the library function for counter module in arduino?

Thanks in advance


could you repost

i can't find it anywhere!


+1, this code would be helpful but the pastebin link has expired (boo pastebin :frowning: )

I found this link
has anybody tried to do it on a pc?

a solid osc library could be the most valuable effort to make arduino being used by musicians and visualist using non-serial applications.


I'm working on send OSC messages from arduino.

Here is the latest i've found where someone has gotten an arduino recieving osc: