arduino oscilloscope problem

I have the arduino franzis tutorial kit .

this includes the sketch for an oscilloscope which requires It does have the application in the software but I cant get it working. I click on it and it opens, I click com4 but nothing happens. I have connected it to a signal generator and still nothing. I don't know what I have to do to get this thing working.

so the kit includes the software which has the oscilloscope sketch and the application. I cant get the application to work. if any one knows how to get it working I would really appreciate the help.


I have the arduino franzis tutorial kit .

No idea what that is. Links can do wonder for getting help.

Well - this looks to be the kit...

This link (from the above) - seems dead:

Not sure if this is the official site or what...



It's just a guess. You'll need Visual Basic up and running on your OS.

For further debugging, there must be a lot of communication between the sketch and the application. Open the sketch in Arduino IDE, look for these, and put some debugging code at the "hot points" (see serial.Begin(), serial.print() etc.), upload the sketch and start the Serial Monitor. Possibly you'll be able to see raw data. If these data seems to be correct, the problem will between the sketch and application. If you can't see any useful and relevant information (or even bug reports), the main problem is with the sketch itself.

By the way, we have WAY more information to help you.