Arduino OTA on Ubuntu not working

Hi Guys, I have had Arduino OTA updating working well on an old Windows laptop for some time now, its works well, very convienient, but the laptop is very, very slow to compile/upload (2-3 mins for Blink example, even over USB).

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Adrduino IDE 1.8.7 and have lightening fast compile/uploads (5-10 seconds for Blink over USB). Very happy with this.

However, I can not get OTA updating to work on the Ubuntu machine. I have installed Python 2.7.14 (based on information from many sources, this is the Python version that works for OTA with Arduino).

The Arduino IDE can see all my ESP8266 devices in the Port window (a list of IP addresses), but when I try to upload I get a Java error in Arduino IDE “cannot find python.exe”.

This appears to be common and is related to the python.exe path (there is an easy fix in Windows, include python %Path% in tne installation, but I can not get this to work in Ubuntu (I have found many commands that should include the equivalent of the Windows Path command, but they aren’t working for me.)

I’m not familiar with Linx/Ubuntu, there are so many undocumented/structured options that I’m chasing my tail. I know I’m close because the IDE can see the IP addresses for my devices, but am at a loss where to go next.

Does anyone have Arduino OTA working on Ubuntu?
What versions of Arduino, Ubuntu and Python are you using that works for Arduino OTA?

I dont need the latest versions, I will only use the Ubuntu machine for Arduino, so I will be happy with any combination of versions that are proven to work for Arduino OTA.

Thnx in advance,


How did you install the IDE?

I installed in Xubuntu, and I remember I did not need to install python, because it is already normal to follow many versions of linux.

See too:
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suspicious is that it searches for exe. there is no exe on linux.

HI Guys,

Thnx for the feedback, this is s screenshot of the actual error (no .exe, I sub-consciously added that after a lifetime of using Windows)


Hi Guys,

Dont know what the problem was, but I did a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04.1 64-Bit, installed Arduino IDE Linux 64-Bit, did not need to install Python, Arduino + OTA worked perfectly. I must have had a broken install originally.