Arduino output 5V voltage problem

Hi all,

When checking the voltage (circuit open) between the 5V output and ground, I obtain something close to 9.8V. When something is being powered it falls to 7.5V, which is still much higher than 5!
Output voltage on digital pin is 5V.

This happens when arduino is plugged on PC via USB or powered by external power supply, on all my arduino boards, 2x UNO (one is new) and 1x MEGA. Output voltage for Arduino NANO is 6.5V, which seems more consistant.

My question is, is this normal? Isn't there a risk for all the components that will be powered by the 5V output??

Thanks for your help

When plugged into a PC that provides 5V, you are reading 9.8V, as you should know, this is not possible.

I think your meter is broken, or needs a new battery.

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