Arduino Output on an 8 digit Seven Segment Display

Hello everyone,I’m making a project for which I have implemented the PID program.The PID program runs fine,but the output which is obtained(i.e seen on the serial monitor and the rotation of the servo motor) cannot be seen on an 8 digit seven segment display.I tried using dtostrf, but the leds dont light up after uploading the code.I might’ve messed up the code.I’m new to the whole thing and I’m not a pro programmer.Please help me out here.Thanks in advance.

Fixed_SetPoint_Servo_PID_LED.ino (3.52 KB)

Take a peek at Blair Thompson's LED control library:

It worked well for me.

Thanks a lot for the link,But it's not explained how i can get my output data on the ssd.I need the output(which i can see on the serial monitor) to be shown on the 8 digit ssd.I am using the MAX7219 module.Please tell me how I can display real-time data on the 8 digit ssd.

This is one of those give-a-fish-teach-to-fish experiences. If you take the time to examine the code examples with the library I mentioned, you'll be able to display you data on the displays. You'll learn a lot more if you dig this stuff out for yourself.