Arduino -> pachube, fails after first feed update

Hi guys,

Im trying to to update a pachube feed of mine with int data from a ds18b20 sensor, using the “ethernet_Pachube_input_output” pachube example code (modified),

After alot of struggling to understand the big picture how the pachube example code works and interacts with the site, I finally can update the feed, but only once. After first update, when localClient.connect() is called from within pachube_functions, it fails with “connection failed”<retry_no>reset ethernet. Same scenario if the board is restarted.

After searching for a solution, I understand that there do exists some issues with at least prev. versions of the Ethernet library.

Anyone know next step to take?

I can upload the code, but it needs some clean up.

Some technical info,

  • Arduino board: Duemilanove (328)
  • Ethernet Shield: Roboduino Ethernet Shield (WIZnet W5100)
  • Software version: 0017
  • Network settings: Running static ip, no clouds here what i can see…
  • The code is around ~ 14K in size
    Thanks in advance,