Arduino packet for Mandriva 2010.1 (spring)

I just want to inform that there is a rpm packet for Mandriva 2010.1 (spring) for Arduino 0018

It is available at the ftp of blogdrake:

The packet has various dependences. Then it is better to add the repository:

  • noarch (required)

urpmi.addmedia --wget Bdk-noarch with media_info/

Depending on your architecture:

  • i586

urpmi.addmedia --wget Bdk-i586 with media_info/


  • x86_64 (should be available shortly)

urpmi.addmedia --wget Bdk-x86_64 with media_info/

Then, just "urpmi arduino" or use the rpmdrake gui

Arduino is not in noarch because it uses platform specific libraries for accessing the serial port.

The arduino packet: arduino-0018-1bdk2010.1.i586.rpm or arduino-0018-1bdk2010.1.x86_64.rpm needs also the following packets (dependences will be resolved automatically if you use the urpmi or rpmdrake installer GUI):

arduino-0018-1 avr-binutils-2.20.1-1 avr-gcc-4.4.3-4 avr-gcc-c++-4.4.3-4 avr-gdb-7.1-1

rxtx-nolock-2.2-0.1.pre2 avr-libc-1.7.0-9

When installed just execute "arduino" (or search for it at Development/IDEs). It sould run OK as an unprivileged user withoud modifying groups or permissions doe to a suid wrapper added fot this purpose)

x86-64 should run nativelly because the packet rxtx has platform-specific binaries of the librarie for accessing the serial port.

The packets are prepared for Mandriva but could be adapted to other distros. The sources can be downloaded from here: