Arduino packet for Mandriva 2010

I just want to inform that there is a rpm packet for Mandriva 2010.0 for Arduino 0017.

It is available at the ftp of blogdrake:

The packet has various dependences. Then it is better to add the repository:

  • noarch

urpmi.addmedia --wget Bdk-noarch with media_info/

  • i586

urpmi.addmedia --wget Bdk-i586 with media_info/

  • x86_64

urpmi.addmedia --wget Bdk-x86_64 with media_info/

Then, just "urpmi arduino" or use the rpmdrake gui

Arduino is not in noarch because it uses platform specific libraries for accessing the serial port.

The arduino packet: arduino-0017-2bdk2010.i586.rpm needs also the following packets (dependences will be resolved automatically if you use the urpmi or rpmdrake installer):

avr-binutils-2.20-1bdk2010.i586.rpm avr-gcc-4.4.1-4bdk2010.i586.rpm avr-gcc-c++-4.4.1-4bdk2010.i586.rpm avr-gdb-7.0-1bdk2010.i586.rpm rxtx-nolock-2.2-0.1.pre2bdk2010.i586.rpm

When installed just execute "arduino" (or search for it at Development/IDEs). It sould run OK as an unprivileged user withoud modifying groups or permissions doe to a suid wrapper added fot this purpose)

Dam - Just wiped my Mandriva 2009 today because I could not get Arduino IDE to run no matter what. Now have Fedora11 and commend it to you .They all have issues with Arduino running but some have been sorted and obviously you have just done that with mandriva . Well done!

Using this repository, you can install Arduino IDE only by adding the packet. All issues are resolved automatically. If you experiment problems post a comment here.

I created all packets needed for running Arduino (included new versions of GCC, avr libc, and even the rxtx library that lets java to access the serial port, but fixing the /var/lock problems).

The packets where created and tested for Mandriva 2010 but could work for 2009.1... but if you will reinstall, it is better if you use the lastest version.

Great job !! Just one thing: you made a typo error with the links (serveftp and not serve[u]r[/u]ftp) Like "april", I broke my head trying to get avr-gcc on Mandriva 2009.1 and 2010.0 and I was thinking to Fedora too ;) You should contact Mandriva to offer this to the community !!

Edit: there's a problem with dependencies: on my laptop with no development environment it complains about avr-libc :-? Edit bis: forget that, I forgot to add the noarch sources ::)