OK, My prototype is this:- I would like to build a pan/tilt (xy) device using servos, driven by an Arduino. On the top servo will be 1 each RGB lasers. I need to be able to input a line draw image via graphics tablet into the Arduino so it can project the lasers onto a surface slowly. e.g. If I was getting it to draw a persons face may take 5 minutes? Q1 Can I input a graphics tablet? Q2 Could I get the Arduino to replicate the colours choosen once inputed, to be automatic? The project involves projecting a once drawn image on a surface then take a long exposure photo of the image? Many thanks Mark

The way you 'draw images' with LASERs is with recursive sweeps, not 'onto a surface slowly',
so,,, you don't usually employ servos, you would use galvanometers.

You need to do more study before proceeding with this project. it will NEVER work the you have it plotted out.

The exposure time has to be (at least) as long as the projection time. How do you prevent ambient light to override the laser projection, during such a long exposure time? Test the result of such a long time exposure without lasers, will the image be dark enough?

In addition to galvanometers you can use rotating mirrors, which allow to produce an image from scan lines, in very short time. In these cases the Arduino may be the time limiting factor.

It may be hard to find a suitable graphics tablet, including a detailed data sheet for connection to an Arduino. I bought one that can produce power point files only, not very useful for your purpose :frowning: