Arduino parking sensor using hc-sro4

I have a question regarding this project on this link
Garage Parking Assistant - Arduino Project Hub .
So i am working on a project like this and i have a couple of questions:
-i have bought a led strip but with 12V power, but i searched on the internet that this can be solved with MOSFET?

  • and the other problem is in this project the led strip has the following 5V, DIN and GND. But mine has 12V and R, G, B.
    I didnt find on inthernet a code for 12V and R, G, B.
    Thanks guys :wink:

You have a completely different type of LED strip. The strip in the project has individually addressable LEDs. Your strip is not. If allows you to set all of them to any given color, but they will all be the same. The entire strip will be 1 color.

And yes, you typically use a logic level MOSFET to drive 12V devices since the arduino can not do it directly. I'd suggest getting the same LED strip as the project to make your life easier...

Do the Red LEDs light up if you connect "12V" to the + side of a 12V supply and connect "R" to the - side of the supply? If so, you can can control the color of the strip using analogWrite() and one N-Channel MOSFET per color. Then you can use a spectrum from Blue (too far away) through Green (just right) to Red (too close).

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