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My son, who has been a distributor of arduino stuff for some time, carries a wide selection of sensors, etc, probably the widest selection.If I give his URL in this forum so that other members can see what he has, will I be breaking the spam rules? I do not want to be kicked out of this wonderful forum. At the same time, he does not want to sign up. Would someone inform me? [smiley=dankk2.gif]

In the meantime, my book is progressing. I will be back on that topic soon.


At the same time, he does not want to sign up.

Personally, I take note of the people who want to sell Arduinos and Arduino related gear, but not be active in the community. (Take note so I can make sure not to purchase from their stores.)

James C4S

I really did not ask for your personal preferences. Preferences vary among various members. Some members would like to know what's out there, obviously you do not. I see other members showing URL's and praising or not various products. So, I thought I would ask before I pull a booboo. A matter of courtesy. That's all. :)


I don’t see the harm, if its bar-sport for instance.
As long as you make it obvious what you’re advertising, what the relevance is to arduino as a whole… let the rest decide then.
I highly doubt you’d be kicked if you make an obvious, decent and respectful note of it.
Now if you start hyping it and such as “The one and only true supplier of parts for the arduino!”, thats a different matter entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah go ahead, post it.

If you said what the name of the store was then many of us may have heard of it anyway.


Thank you for your answer and advice. I do not plan to be my son's advertiser, but, since he has some interesting things that other members may want to use, I though I would pass on the info and let people decide. (I do get some freebies from him to use in my forthcoming book :D)

Thanks again Dr.Andrew


Thank you. I will let you know.


I really did not ask for your personal preferences.

What was it you did ask for? For someone who considers this a wonderful forum, and who thinks he knows enough to write a book about Arduino, you have done nothing in this forum except promote your book, and now, your son's company. If your son really was all that interested in the forum members buying his stuff, he should register here, and participate.

If he can't be bothered doing that, I'm with James. I won't be bothered buying stuff from him.

Or your book, for that matter.

Dude, you do need to stop calling yourself Dr Andrew though.


I neither promoted my book nor do I care who buys it. Because this forum consists of supposedly proficient members, I asked for advice in what to put into my book so that it can become useful to a novice. Promoting my book would go like "Hey I have written the best book in the world on Arduino. Would you please buy it?". That is promoting, and I never made such a statement. Neither did I promote my son's business. He carries stuff that might be useful to someone. If you don't like this, be on your way.



The term "Dr" is a hard-attained and hard-worked for achievement, and I am proud of it. I am also a retired USAF Brig.Gen. and I am proud of that as well. If the term "Dr" bothers you or someone else, please, do not read my posts or reply to them.

DR Andrew


Would you be happier if I called myself “Dude”?


It's a real shame that this forum doesn't have kill-file capabilities. You'd be in my kill-file.

Well I could be "The Right Honerable Mowcius" but firstly Mowcius is obviously not my real name and secondly even if I was, I would not announce that title it in every post.

I know a few people who have the title or Dr. but again, they're not cocky about it. I'm sure you are proud of it - I am proud of my status of God Member and the amount of posts I have written primarily helping people but I don't put 'God Member Mowcius' on each post either.

It is common on a forum to announce yourself by your forum name (amcduino) rather than your real name anyway. PaulS for example is probably called Paul but that's all I know. His surname probably begins with S but perhaps not. I have taken the assumption that he is male but I don't think he has made a comment to that effect so he could even be female. I still know who he is and what he has done by his actions and posts on the forum.

Unfortunately, people are going to know as the guy who's writing a book, refuses to accept common forum ideas, is too proud of his Dr status and has a son who has some kind of store selling electronic components (which is probably not popular so he is trying to advertise through his dad) and is not active in the community.

Well that's the way I see it atm.

[edit]You gonna mention this store then?[/edit]


With regards to your question as to whether I will mention my son's store, the answer is no. After all this war of words, it is not worth it. In fact, it is not really worth asking the members' advice about my book, since I was considered as "promoting" my book. Last but not least, if participating in the Arduino forum means criticizing, albeit slightly so, one's titles and other statements, I am bidding everyone farewell and moving into the twilight.


I read the original post yesterday and thought, well, I'm still kind of new here (only a lesser god), I'd wait to listen/read what greater gods say about this. How did this get so bad so quickly? Now it's about an academic title, the PhD, or aka permanent health damage? I see lots of people call themselves Doc this Prof that. They're not necessarily granted doctorial degrees or appointed by a university as faculty but they like the titles as the titles represent accomplishment and knowledge. If I'm good at doing electronics and such, I'd like to be known as Dr. Transistor or Prof. Negative-feedback. Am I on the right side of the street with this title thing?

Now for real titles that people earned, I'd say it's ok to mention, as long as the title holders don't single themselves out as elites by default (the title) or be cocky like "I'm the Doc, I can't possibly be wrong".

I'm not telling what title I have from now on :-X My head hurts everyday though ;)

I take it this is yours rather than your son's... Doesn't have much on it. Created on 18th/19th November 2010

I'd like to jump in here and state that the text in my profile should not be construed to imply that I have the title of 'Dr.'

Now, I'd like to quickly jump out. ;)

Hahaha :D

I wrote this on my blog today.

I'm a big fan of the Arduino Forum. Before falling in love with Arduino I had not been part of such a lively, intelligent and, frankly, very well behaved online community.

... after reading this thread I'm a not so sure anymore.

If amcduino has been shamelessly pimpin' his wares as PaulS has suggested then maybe what he got was justified. But on first read he was mercilessly and shamefully treated.

Can I ask ye mighty Gods: is this "normal?" Is this the Arduino Forum way to deal with people?

prawnhead (no title)