arduino pc getting flashed from sd card using BootDrive?

Hi guys,So I am making an arduino pc which boots from an sd card.So when you turn it on the code for the terminal gets flashed to the atmega328p.Which then runs it and displays it to the tft etc.Suppose you want to open a game,lets say pcman.The terminal command would be OPEN pacman.(There is a ps/2 keyboard connected to the arduino)When OPEN pacman is entered into the terminal,the atmega328 gets flashed with the pacman code.Ok so you get the idea.I am using this guys code:BootDrive for Arduino | Bald Wisdom
It allows you to program an arduino with an sd card usng another arduino.Yes,I do have two atmega328's that is required for his setup to work.So a few questions:This is a stupid one:1.Does this require a special bootloader?2.How would I program the arduino?(What I mean in question 2 is,how would I put the arduino code in the sd card in the first place?Do i just drag the .ino file into the sd card when it's in my computer?He mentions a .hex file or something which I don't understand?AM I supposed to convert the .ino code to a .hex code and then drag the .hex into the sd card.If so how would I convert the .ino code into .hex?)Last Question:3.His setup requires two atmega328's,which I have.Which one should be flashed,bootloaded,I don't know with the code he provided on his webpage?Is it the one with the sd card,is it the one that is being programmed by the one with the sd card,or is it both?Ok last last final question :smiley: 4.Can I write into the sd card arduino code using the arduino itself.Suppose you run pacman and get a high score how would I send that high score to the sd card pacman code so when it is opened again in the terminal,it displays the high score.The microsd card breakout that I'm using is capable of reading and writing data.If you have any questions regarding my explanation feel free to ask.Thanks for the replies :wink: ps.I have two atmega328's that are both pre-uno bootloaded when I bought them.I also have this microSD card reader/writer:

Yes you need to have a diffrent boot loader.

You can not use an .ino file because that is source code and it needs to be compiled into machine code and you can not do that on a 328 processor there is no where enough room.

Yes you would drop the hex file into the SD card on your main computer. These files are located in a tempory directory somewhere on your system. The exact location depends on your system.

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