Arduino PC stats monitor.

Hello, i want to make a little project for which i already have the hardware. I hope you guys can help me, because i'm totally newbie to Arduino, but i want to learn. I'm going to start coding lessons in the summer (already registered for them), but for now i need help with this. My idea is to put TFT monitor on the Arduino Uno (already have them both, ILI9841 3.5" LCD 320X480 resolution, and Arduino Uno) and show the AIDA64 shared memory information on it. As far as i know, the shared memory is uncompleted XML file. (link to the shared memory information) I want to make something like LSDSysinfo, showing the CPU temperature, 8 core usage, RAM usage, GPU Temperature and GPU Usage, GPU Vram Usage and fans rpm. I would be totally thankfull to you guys with any help. :slight_smile:

I am guessing you want to send this information to the Ardino using the PC serial port. Do you have the PC program that will do this?