Arduino PC volume ?

So, what i want to do is use the arduino to control the volume of my laptop. It must have 3 buttons, one for + to increase the volume, one for - to decrease the volume, one for Mute to mute the volume. Is it possible, If so, how ? Please help. Thankyou.

Operating system of the laptop?

Windows 7 home basic.


Arduino Duemilanove atmega328.

It is [u]possible[/u] for Gobetwino... adjust the volume by injecting keystrokes. But I don't know if it has a way of specifying the keystrokes...

The virtual key-codes you may need...


The scan codes you may need...

Mute  20 E0
Volume Down  2E E0
Volume Up  30 E0

I suggest downloading and playing with Gobetwino. If you can't find what you need, ask here or contact the author for help.