Arduino Peak Power Tracker Solar Charger - to EU

I found Tim Nolans splendid "Arduino Peak Power Tracker Solar Charger" Its doing all a solar-panel controller shall and some more and it will go well with my 2 solar panels. My problem is translating the parts Tim is using from Digikey, to some that can be bought in EU (no import tax, faster dev etc.). Im not that strong in electronics that I dare do this on my own. suggestions?

The parts are imported anyways to those stores so it will amount to the same except for futurlec, those take ages to deliver :(

Just find your nearest electronics component store and check with them, as for speed I have orderd from UK and USA and CHINA, the delivery time was about the same 2weeks, sparkfun has the option to report less value on the package (that sure comes in handy) ;)

Just make diffrential solar cooker ring that makes a few pistons expand so the solarpanels allign themselves to the same direction as the most efficient solar cooker(s), purely mechanical thingy, no motors just sun ;)

Its not that I dont want to order from Digikey or other US based comp, but eg. Digikey has a 18 eur post charge and with customs on top of that its 200% extra - 20 eur for parts, 40 eur fluff :'( I have checked EU for the MAX4173H ic-chip - Googled MAX4173H ic-chip (and se and de and dk and no) with no luck. ELFA has the MAX4172ESA (I guess its the older model). I will check Furlec (even if I have to be patient).

Hei, jeg husker ikke om jeg betalte noe eksta når jeg bestilte fra digikey, det var en liten ordre husker jeg. Jeg har fått forenklet tollbehandlig på alle ordrene mine så jeg har trengt å bruke like masse penger på disse forenklede tollbehandlingene som komponentene sjølv om jeg bestillte fra uk :( Javel Norge er kanske ikke helt inni EU men vi har sammarbeidsavtale med EU, Hater denne jækle tollen, (kanske ikke toll men medveriavgift, hvem vet)


Try to get them as a free samples from the manufactures :)