Arduino Phone fails to receive SMS

First of all, I am using the code and hardware from the Arduino Phone Tutorial

That being said, I am not using the RTC for fear of mistake while soldering (I'm not the best at it) Also, I edited the code (found this in one of the comments) to work with newer hardware

make sure you change the tft library to tftv2 and change tft.init to tft.TFTinit

With that out of the way, it seems that when ever I have an unread SMS, the display shows some weird stuff and will not let me exit.

I will provide extra information is needed, as I have been working on this for FOREVER.

A pic is below I cant seem to get the picture onto the computer, but I can give details

it says from: 30068006F00690 and there is more but it is cut off then the date is 15/07/31 and the time is 17:43:41-16 and it is cut off then the message is 00650020004E

ANY help is welcome, it just want to get my phone finished :confused:

ANY help is welcome

Without seeing your code? Not much chance of that.

PaulS: Without seeing your code? Not much chance of that.

The code is on the linked page, and all changes are explained...