arduino phone. help please

im trying to build a arduino phone. i bought seeedstudio parts a while back and just now playing with it. Tried to get support from over there but nothing so far. So i have to fight it out by myself or ask somewhere else. I want to get this to work. Then im going to buy the 3G from adafruit. But let me tell you what i have and see what might can be done. 1. arduino uno 2. seed GSM & GPRS shield v2.1 with sim900 3 TFT touch screen v1.0 I have used the sim900 test code and it works. sends and rec sms. Call my other phone and i can call it and hear a ring tone in headphones. I also modified adafruit-fona-test by changing the pin numbers and it works with it. My problem is when i load the arduinoPhone Code on it the screen does work it shows the CALL and SMS on start up. If you touch either one it will take you to the right screen. You can type in a number and press call and it acts like it will call but it does not. on the serial print it shows it calling to. I can call it and it will ring in the headphones but the answer screen does not come up on the TFT. Any one have a idea. My thinking is its missing some kind of hand shake from the TFT to the GSM. thank kevin

i think here is the problem. the touchscreen uses these pins. D0 - Unused. D1 - Unused. D2 - LCD data bit 8. D3 - LCD data bit 9. D4 - LCD data bit 10. D5 - LCD data bit 11. D6 - LCD data bit 12. D7 - LCD data bit 13. D8 - LCD data bit 14. D9 - LCD data bit 15. D10 - LCD CS pin, active low. D11 - LCD RS pin. D12 - LCD WR pin. D13 - LCD RD pin.

D14(A0) - Touch Screen Y-. D15(A1) - Touch Screen X-. D16(A2) - Touch Screen Y+. D17(A3) - Touch Screen X+. D18(A4) - Unused. D19(A5) - Unused.

And the GSM uses.

D7 - is TX D8 - is RX