arduino piano convertion

hi there i have come across with a title which i am interested in where after a short piece is played the PC will show which keys has been played however, can anyone tell me can arduino do convertion of piano letters ( C D E F G ) to piano notes?

thanks alot for helping !

Sure. I posted a sketch recently where I created up to 13 piano notes in response to button presses. Code had the frequencies used in it. Search for "piano tones" and look for a posting I made. You could adapt that read serial data and play notes instead of reacting to button presses.

Here it is

I don't understand exactly what you are trying to do, but a [u]MIDI[/u] keyboard with MIDI software is probably the best solution.

With MIDI, you are just capturing (and/or saving/sending) the keypresses or the notes, so there is very little processing required and it's very efficient. With some additional hardware, the Arduino can handle that if you don't want to use your computer.

There is audio-to-MIDI software that can take a signal from a microphone and determine the notes & timing and create a MIDI file, but I'm not sure how well that works with chords. That kind of processing (especially analyzing chords) probably takes more processing power than the Arduino.

the idea im saying is converting this kind of pieces

to this

The words and chord names in the first are insufficient information to create the 2nd.

the idea im saying is
this kind of pieces

to this

If you could do that you would have a nice product.

nono.. i'm just taking as an example of keys and notes.... is it possible to do so??

cuz to show the letters played from the designed piano is easy..

but to convert is a hard task?

any help or ideas?

You need to be more clear about what you want.

How is the piano output sent? Serial message stream? Something else?

Do you want sound from the arduino as a result? See something on a screen? Something else?

i would say that i wil like to have a simple piano with one octave and can record the pieces played and show on the PC screen which key e.g C, D, E etc. has been played and also show the piano notes ( 5line notes) too...

Sorry but are making no sense and you are not answering the questions asked of you. what is the output of this piano? Is it audio MIDI or something else?

yes audio midi

pche: yes audio midi

Look the question was is it audio or MIDI, you can't have both.

I would suggest you use a forum where your native language is used.