Arduino-PIC communication

Hi Guys, I am working on a project to interface a PIC based pwm reader with arduino. PWM reader has incorporated RS232 port (MAX 232) to communicate with PC. I am aiming to eliminate PC and incorporate an arduino to collect, process and display data received from pwm reader (pwm reader schematics and code attached). Can you please help me interface the two in terms of hardware and basic arduino software structure as I am new to arduino. Many thanks in advance!

What is your point of posting PIC code?

If the PIC is sending regular serial data one of the examples in Serial Input Basics should be able to receive it.

Can you eliminate the Max232 and connect the PIC TTL Rx and Tx to a Tx and Rx on the Arduino.? If not you will probably need another Max232 to bring the RS232 levels back to TTL levels for the Arduino.

If you are using an Uno you will probably want to use SoftwareSerial so as to leave HardwareSerial free for debugging.