Arduino PID+ heating of a k thermocouple, Brewing heat control


I have been doing a lot of research, but I still need some guidance.

Arduino Uno
Max 31855k Thermocouple amplifier
Rotary encoder
Graphic LCD
Four digit 7-Seg displayLCD (hoping it will be simpler to start with)
Thermocouple K
10a Solid State relay

Analog Output K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier - AD8495 Breakout

Specifications of the project

I want to use an arduino to control a K-type thermocouple
The thermocouple is being used as a heating element
Temp needs to maintain 750º Fahrenheit
The heater is a K-type coil 120V 100W WITH 5PIN xlr

I would really like some advice for this,
its essentially a PID, but also a Heater through SSR for the thermocouple

Thanks for your help!

Its kind of like this

But I want the PID to be an arduino instead of buying a PID from amazon

I am not sure but I think you are a little confused.

A K-Type thermocouple is used for temperature measurement only not for heat (At least I have never heard of one so could be wrong). You would not heat the K-Type thermocouple. You need a heating element of some sort for that.

That board from Adafruit would read a K-Type thermocouple just fine and you could use an arduino with a PID library to control preferably a SSR of some sort. Using a 10A Relay with PID would cause the relay to wear out pretty fast if it is going to turn on and off quickly. If the mass of what you will be heating is large and or it takes a fair amount of time to heat and cool than a 10A relay can work fine.

So you need an Arduino of some sort.
The K-Type thermocouple amplifier from Adafruit is a good choice.
A 10AMP relay which most likely draws too much current from the arduino so a relay board that incorporates optocouplers is a better solution which are available all over the place. Try Amazon. Sainsmart makes a decent one for a cheap price.

Look for the PID library either on the Arduino site or maybe find someone who has modified it and updated it recently and use that one.

You're right i was confused. I have this thing

I am trying to use this as the heating element

Thank you for your reply by the way!

I use the arduino PID library for brewing. It works perfectly.
I use a DS18B20 instead of a thermocouple, though. Have you looked over at

well I need to have it heat that hot runner coil

well I need to have it heat that hot runner coil

some basics,
you have inputs.
you have outputs.
your input is from some device, convert that to temperature.
the software has no care about what that device is. and no care about the numbers, as long as they fall into the ranges of the software. you have to use the right bits to make that input useable.
you have an output, this is as different from input as watching TV is to producing a TV show.
in your case, some sort of relay or silicon device that will pass power thru the coil.
ChuckJaxFL said "I use the arduino PID library for brewing. It works perfectly"

that is for the output.

all you need to do is get the input to feed it the numbers.

awesome thank you again