Arduino + Piezo humidifier

I've Piezo humidifier "Frequency 1.7+/-0.05(MHz)"
I search allot to make it work with my Arduino according to this article It's possible, but I didn't find any article for Arduino

what I want is: controlling Frequency from my Arduino but I don't know from where I must start
Can someone give me any hint about it ?!

Hi, not sure which Arduino model you're using, but I think what you want is an AC supply and according to the article that you linked to "As a result, the optimal voltage to drive this resonator set at the optimal water depth of 40mm is approximately 130Vp-p" (near the bottom of the page). Arduinos are capped at 3.3 or 5V depending on your model, so I don't think this would be achievable using just an Arduino.

However, you could use the Arduino to regulate a switch connected to some AC power source.

of course not only Arduino because my Piezo work only on 24V
I believe it can be done by simple circuit like this one

For my bad luck I couldn't find any circuit diagram simple like that
My whole problem is how can I control Frequency from my Arduino!

I found it here

To control frequency, look in the forums for how to switch the state of a digital pin quickly. I have been using the digitalWriteDirect for the Arduino Due and have achieved frequencies up to 21 MHz by writing 1 and 0 in a loop. There is plenty of documentation on direct port manipulation for other models of arduino as well. I suspect that with most other arduinos you will get in the range of 2MHz as a maximum (just a guess though 4 clock ticks per cycle).