Arduino pin mapping diagram BUG

I think there is a mistake in the pin mapping diagrams for both the ATMEGA8 and the ATMEGA168.

My suggested correct pin mapping is:

That was true in very old versions of the board, but the diagram on the site corresponds to the current boards.

Mellis, you should publish both versions of the pin mapping. There are users of the older boards that can get confused. I guess you changed the software also. Since which release the pins were swapped? Is there any “Release Notes” or HW and SW changes page in the Arduino website where users can track the history of changes that happened to Arduino?

And what about the shields? Were they updated to reflect the new pin mapping or the new Arduino boards pinout?


The release notes for the software are at: Version 0003 of the software was the first to reverse the pins to correspond to the new layout. We could use a better hardware revision history on the site, but just haven't had the chance to do it yet. I think most of the people with old boards have since realized that the layout has changed - the switch was made a long time ago.

It was changed long time ago... I discovered Arduino a couple of months ago, so everything is new for me.

Is there any section in the arduino website where users can post this kind of information more permanently, like the playground? But playground doesn't have a specific area for hardware mods, it is more for posting projects, extensions, etc.


You're always welcome to add new sections to the playground - or just shove things in there somewhere.