arduino ping to audio jack


I am trying to record arduino ping echo data for further work that I need for my project.

I have read that the ping unit simply shows if there is a signal or there is no signal. However, i figure that the ping must be working as an ultrasonic microphone. The vibration of the transducer creates an electrical current which is exactly what the microphones do.

I have connected an audio jack cable to the output of the ping echo unit and this sort of shows up on my Processing sketch.

You must see my 1st problem already. The output of Ping unit is 5V and the input of sound card is ~0.5V. Is there a way to dial the output down without a loss of the sound wave generated by the transducer. Do I just add resistors along the way of the signal?

I am a programmer who grabbed the arduino kit to do this so even though Arduino code is easy for me I have little to no idea how the voltage or currents work.


Use a (roughly) 10:1 resistive voltage divider to connect the output of the ping unit to an audio card. The two resistors could be 10K ohms and 1K ohms for 11:1. Voltage Divider