Arduino Pins - meaning?

Hey just got my arduino board in the mail, same as this one here (Distributors — Arduino Official Store)

can someone give me a description of what each pin means/does? or is there one on the website?



The board has two kinds differents of pins I/O, there are digital pins and analog pins.

To digital pins you can connect any Input or Output digital device as leds, buttons, digital sensors...

Analog pins are only inputs and you can connect any analog sensor.

Digital pins 9 and 10 are also PWM (analog) outputs.

You can look in tutorial and you'll get different examples.


ok so can i just find out what are:

Pins 0 - 7 =

Pins 8 - 16 =


pins 0 - 7 are digital I/O
pins 8 - 13 are digital I/O

there are not pins 14 - 16 in Arduino


Thanks, i just wanted to know how many digital i/o pins i have available to me for my project. i will be using the rx and tx lines so that leaves me with 11 then right.