Arduino + PIR Sensor + Contiuous Servo (2) + LED

Hello. I'll just get to the point,

I'm having trouble trying to find code that integrates both the PIR sensor and servo together. basically i want to create a little "robot" figure that is stationary that can react to basic movements with the PIR sensor (movement = ON, no movement = OFF) to trigger the robot's subtle movements. The first servo is used to twist its "waist" back and forth and the second servo would flick back and forth like a twitching antennae. And lastly the LED would also flicker during movement detection.

I'm a complete arduino super n00b. I've been able to find code for the PIR sensor and the servos but I haven't had any luck integrating them together though I've got the code to work with them individually.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction please? I'll even draw you a fine portrait of your dog too! Any help would be very much appreciate it!

Can you show us a schematic of your setup? Or maybe post the sketch code that you have so far?