Arduino PIR Sensor Delay Without Blink

I want to make a system using a PIR sensor to arduino nao, my idea is if PIR sensor detects a motion it will send HIGH for 6 hours, in beetween if the PIR sensor doesnt detect any motion within 2 hours it will send LOW

is this possible, please help me.

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did not understand your meaning.

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oh my mistake

There are tons of PIR sensor using projects done. Search for Arduino +PIR.

Related to this?

Quite trivial problem, but you have not adequately specified it.

If 2 hours inactivity will make the output LOW, under exactly what condition will it stay HIGH for 8 hours?

Have you learned to use the "blink without delay" example? That is the first step in both your previous question and this one. :+1:

Also read the instructions for posting code in particular.

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