arduino placement


Complete newbie here - got my board a couple of days ago but (due to being busy at work) haven’t had a chance to play around with it :frowning:

As I said, got my board a couple of days ago. It didn’t come with any “mounts” of any sort (e.g. rubber feet). Am I OK just to use the board “as is”, on my desk? I’ve seen some sites where people are recommending to put adhesive rubber feet on the underside of the board.

Just don’t want to damage it before I’ve even started hacking!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

As long as you don’t place the board on anything conductive taht can short out things under the board you are OK.

But rubber feet are a good idea.

It’s rather easy to accidently push a small screwdriver or other metallic object under the board, so the really safe solution is to mount it on a smal oiec of wood or something.

The feet are pretty much optional, just make sure you don’t place it on a metal desk/area.

The feet are just so that the “contacts” on the bottom don’t get shorted out.

thanks guys :wink:

i’m fairly sure i’ve seen pics on the web of the arduino placed on a breadboard too?

looking forward to getting started! i’m a programmer by trade - don’t have much hardware experience, and thought the arduino looked like an ideal proposition to begin some projects!

There are many “custom” versions of Arduino, they generally work just as well, but are made by third parties, an example being the Boardino being the B

There is also the Arduino nano which runs on a mini-B usb port, and again, works just as well.

(Google em)

I have a big breadboard, so usually, when I use the arduino I place it over the breadboard. This way, I can easily wire it and it serves as well as protection and support.