Arduino play sound aiff files


I know very basic arduino and was wondering if some one could help me with my new project.

So basically what I need is Arduino UNO to play pre-recorded sound through Loudspeakers varying on motion sensor input.

Could somebody please help me out how to get started with this. Any examples you might know?

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it!


Sure, look at PIR sensors to detect motion. Look at MP3 modules to play back pre-recorded sounds.


Thank you for the help. I think the best option for me would be to use PIR sensor and MP3 Shield.

Is it possible to control 2 sets of PIR / Loudspeaker with one Arduino/MP3 board? What I would like as an end effect is that each sensor triggers a different sound to be played on each loudspeaker controlled by one Arduino.

This is an example that I found useful:

Thank you,