Arduino Playground Edit Access

I have several Arduino libraries which have Arduino Playground pages:

I created these pages and in the past edited them. I needed to make changes for a version update. However, when I click "Edit" it asks for a password which I enter my Arduino password and it doesn't allow me access. I tried changing my Arduino password and it still doesn't work. I then tried a few other passwords that I may have used in the past and still nothing.

So, what's going on with the Arduino Playground? Is it just broke or was there a change? I'm clearly marked as the author of the library with my email address, so verification shouldn't be an issue. But, I can find no "lost password" or any type of link which would allow me to resolve this.



I was just announcing that due to a massive amount of spam we needed to disable edit access for a while.

Will be restored as soon as possible.

Thank you,


The playground was infested with lots of links for products that, er, enhanced male virility. People were adding them to the profiles of well-known Arduino personnel, general tutorials, the lot.

There doesn’t seem to be any mechanism to stop this, so at my suggestion write-access was removed until it could be cleared up.

I just went to work on some libraries on the playground too, and of course ran into the same problem. Please let me know when the playground is opened up for editing again.

Thanks Nick.


PS. On a side note, I am not permitted to use url tags in my Arduino forum signature. As a moderator, are you able to give me that permission? I'd simply like to make my website link in my signature a hyperlink is all.

Also, something weird is going on with Arduino forum profiles in general. I've edited this description to the left many times but it keeps going back to this long description of myself that I put here, rather than containing the short description that I put in my Forum profile.......

I am attempting to put my own site as a url in my signature and have done so for quite a few months.

I've reported it:

Nothing has happened.

Thanks, I've now commented on that issue too.

Also, as a side note: thank you tremendously for all of your articles on your website, such as on timers and counters and interrupts. That interrupt article is a godsend, and has helped me tremendously. I just released a new example in my Timer2_Counter library which reads in PWM pulses very efficiently on any pin, using pin change interrupts, at a resolution of 0.5us, and your site has been key. I point people there all the time.

I'm glad to hear it is helpful. Makes the work more worthwhile to know people are finding it useful. :slight_smile:

Are there any staff positions open? I can help out with there issues.

I don't know, I just moderate here. Try a message to

@janvier123 yes please send us your resumé as suggested by Nick Gammon. Any help is much appreciated.

Sent, but ill send you a PM too, in case you didn't get the email

Thanks a lot.

Dear Nick,

Sorry... I don't think the following is in your gift? But maybe you could pass it on to the right people?

Perhaps instead of a request for "Password", the site could respond with, say, "see forum discussion (this thread)"?

I've just wasted 20 minutes going round and round to find out why I can't get in.

I wonder how many other minutes have been wasted/ bad feeling against site/ messages to the wrong people/ has/ have arisen.

Regards, Tom

I sent a message to the forum administrator to this effect.

Two weeks later and it's still password protected... The whole point of wikis is that the community can edit them If the Arduino staff isn't going to do anything about the issue then open it back up for editing and let the community deal with the spam. I for one am willing to put some time in deleting spam. What we really need is rss feeds for playground pages so that I can get notifications when a page is updated and immediately check for abuse. This appears to be possible with PmWiki PmWiki | PmWiki / RSS but from what I can tell it is not enabled on the playground so it will need some minimal effort from Arduino to make it happen.

Try a message to


Hi everyone,

if you need the password to change the content please write at Thanks for the hint about RSS. We are also looking at a captcha solution.

Based on your suggestions I just activated RSS on the wiki.

You can call every page like this:

To get instant updates.

Wow! Thanks for such a fast response mastrolinux. I have subscribed to the All Recent Changes feed and it seems to work fine.