We will bring an ARDUINO compatible PLC to the market. Use it like you use your ARDUINO ... but with more power to drive more.

Please go to our Kickstarter page to see more about it ... and back us there.

best regards Marco

Looks very good!

:) Then hurry up and support it 8) ... Kickstart it ... ;)

Some of the used parts are custom made so we will need injection molds. As you know, they are really expensive.

I know, these are "extreme" pricey and only if you produce by the 1000's these are cost effective. Q: Why not generate the first batches with 3D printing, until enough money is made to buy 1st mold ?

Hello, I know ARDBOX, arduplc and another that I don’t remember its name now. I think to do a plc with arduino now is not necessary. There are alot of companies that is doing it and the production cost is too expensive. You will need to send more than thousands of arduino plc for win money. And I don’t know if it is legalicy because arduino is open source but it have a license for the name!
It isn’t??

this is very very nice

looking gooooooood ;)


perfect for your next project where a little bit more than driving a LED is needed

.... is totally uncalled for and misleading.

Woow, you did it fast... Just looking at in Conrad catalog... I will give it a try to scale up a pre-production unit based on Arduino Uno. Industrialisation team don't like pure Arduino Uno in production line...

We backed this on Kickstarter, but ours didn't ship, and it's been a year. No hard feelings, we understand things happen. So for now, we built our own at We agree there's a huge potential for well built Arduino PLC hardware. If anyone has code to contribute, please post to github, and we're always looking for feedback and ideas on hardware. -Martin

wow, this is amazing