Arduino plotting graphs


I'm quite new to arduino but in fact it is really an awesome device. For my next project, I would like to plot some graphs simultaneously by reading in analog values. I checked the example of Arduin Graph but I was wondering in what way I could make some graphs to plot simultaneously (Analog input 0, 1, 2, ...) and if it's possible to give the axes and the plot a name? Because the way it is now isn't really easy to interprete the values :/ If you could put me in the right direction with the right progressing commands it would be nice :)

If anyone could help this newbie, thanks in advance :D


Is this a question about the Arduino or Processing ?

Hmm Maybe you're right, since I found the graph example on the arduino site I thought I could question it also over here but maybe it isn't the exact place?

If the Arduino is reading and transmitting the correct values then you have a question about Processing. On the other hand if it is not reading and transmitting the correct values then you have an Arduino question, at least in the first instance. There are people here (not me) that know both Arduino and Processing but naturally the focus here is on the former.

Your questions seem to be about presentation of data, hence Processing. How far have you got with this project ? Can you read the sensor values and show them on the Serial monitor, for instance ?